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Paragon Petz 2nd Mini PIg Giveaway is HERE! Please see all details on our FACEBOOK page. 

 Call today to inquire! 530-403-0200

We are PROUD to announce that we are certified breeders of the Mini Pig Breeders, Inc. and have the stamp of approval to prove it. Have a great experience and buy from ethical, honest and 

reputable mini pig breeders. 


Paragon Petz [530] 403-0200  OR  [530] 403-0028 

  • Piggy and Bunny play dates at the park
  • One on one pet therapy sessions 
  • Pet therapy group sessions at your business or home
  • Hobby Farm visitation by appointments *postponed until further notice*
  • Rabbit nail trimming 

Want to book a PET PARTY with Paragon Petz? Make your party more memorable and entertaining. Give your kids the mini petting zoo experience with our adorable and docile pets. You can even book a PET PARTY for small space living residents. No need to have a farm. Bunnies and small guinea pigs are welcome everywhere!


Whether you've been directed to this site by friends or family, or accidentally stumbled upon us, WELCOME! Feel free to browse our pages and learn more about Paragon Petz. We are located in Oroville California, which is about an hour and a half north of Sacramento, CA. Currently, our hobby farm raises Mini pigs, Mini Nubian Goats, chickens and Muscovy ducks. Our pet therapy and pet parties have Netherland Dwarf rabbits, a Polish rabbit and a Holland Lop rabbit.​ We raise some of the sweetest and most docile pets and offer pet assisted therapy for children and adults. Our farm is undergoing some downsizing, so pigs are priced just right!!

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Don't know which piggy to adopt? Check out Available Pets!

 Our last remaining older piggies are priced just right at only $75. Sequoia is our last older girl who is warming up, in our "Available Pets" section. 

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