Paragon   Petz

~ Jade ~ ((The sweetest little Jade passed away on October 31, 2015. She is survived by Jillian, Sassy and Ira on our farm))
I lovingly call her "bean sprout," because she is our smallest pig. Jade is now almost 2-years-old (August 2015) and stands at 11.75 inches tall, and has a compact body with short legs. She's kind of a big deal in a small package. She is an excellent mom and exceeded any expectations that I had for her. She is the piggy that we use most for pet therapy, piggy play dates at the park, and is our surrogate "Auntie Jade" when we are weaning piglets from their mothers. She is our most asked about pig wherever we go. Notice the last picture of Jade surrounded by chickens, ducks and geese. Yep, she's really THAT small. Jade is another one of my cleanest pigs. (We leave her pictures up in remembrance and because we have her offspring here at our farm. We have 3rd generation Jade grandpiglets born in 2017)


~ Mimic ~ DOB 6/26/2015, 3+ years old and an excellent proven stud.

Mimic is the offspring of Jade and Cooper. They were my smallest parents. He is staying true to his parents' short stature and he looks exactly like his dad, Cooper. Hence the name, "Mimic." He is an excellent producer, sweet with the ladies and has produced litters as large as 10 piglets. Mimic is expected to be about 14 inches at full maturity. Right now he stands at 15 inches tall. He has a very short body frame and a big head, which I think is adorable. He is an absolute stud and mostly all white. We love this little guy and allowed him to join a new breeding program to help another breeder get awesome piggy bloodlines. We have his daughter, Amber.


~ Savanah ~ 3 years old in October 2018

If you have followed our Facebook page for a while, you will know Savanah. She was not homegrown here at Paragon Petz, but she is ours now. Great niece to our beloved Jade, Savanah will be 2-years-old in October 2017 and is 15.5 inches tall. Savanah is most likely one of the first pigs you will meet when you visit our farm. She is the most social, inquisitive, mouthy and talkative piggy who willingly flops right over for belly rubs practically the moment you meet her. Savanah does our pet parties. She also helps me socialize the younger piglets and does pet therapy. She somehow has a way of conveying to the other pigs just what I need them to know. Savanah is one of the favorites here at Paragon Petz. People ask us about her all the time and she is the first pig that most people want to meet in person. She has a little following and we think that is AWESOME. Savanah had the most beautiful piggies in December.  Her 2nd litter was born 8/5/18. They are amazingly social and so adorable. 

~Crosby~  "SIR CROSBY UNDERBITE OF CUTENESS" 3+ years old, proven excellent boar. 

 Our smallest breeding boar comes to us from our friends and fellow mini pig breeders at California Mini Pigs. We are happy to have this little piggy and make him our official small stud on the farm. The goal is ultimately healthy, small stature mini pigs with an amazing personality. Crosby is now 2+ years old and a proven boar. He stands at 15 inches tall with a very petite frame. (Pic in the middle and far right are the most current) Crosby is sold and joined his new home to continue his breeding career in 2018.

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~Super Trooper Mini Cooper~ Or just "Cooper" for short  (((Cooper passed away on June 19, 2015)))

Cooper is our smallest boar standing at just 11.75 inches short at almost 2-years-old. Cooper has been with us since he was 7 weeks old. He does not mind being picked up and still likes to crawl in my lap to snuggle. He's still a mama's boy at heart. We guesstimate this little guy to be 12 inches short at full maturity. He has a compact body frame and is mostly just a cute pig with a big head. hahaha Both of his parents were 12 inches and under. Cooper has an amazingly sweet personality, loves children, and has been raised around other species of animals. He is loyal and very well behaved. He became a papa piggy for the first time in 2014, and has sired litters with Sophie, Pickles and Jade. His piglets are amazingly adorable. Cooper was very loved by everyone who met him. We leave his picture up in remembrance, and because we still have his beautiful offspring as future breeders.

~ Jillian ~ Daughter of Jade and Cooper, 2014

Jillian's nickname is Jillian Jellybean. She surpassed both parents in height and currently stands at 16 inches tall. Jillian has taken over as surrogate Auntie Jillian to the younger piglets. Jillian is a loyal piggy and beautiful like her mom. She was a first time mom in February of 2016 and did an amazing job raising her litter or 2 boys and 2 girls. Her piglets sold out quickly. Jillian had one little piglet named Butters in 2017. We have retained her daughter Ira. Jillian will most likely be retiring from our breeding program soon. Jillian has sold and joined her new family to continue her breeding career in 2019.

~ Pickles ~ 6 years old in November 2018

Our girl, Pickles, was acquired from a petting zoo in Sacramento, CA. She came to us completely friendly, socialized and beyond trusting. And even though I wasn't too keen on keeping the name she came with, it suits her perfectly. We really found ourselves a rare jewel with Pickles. Pickles will be 5 years old in November 2017. She measures 17 inches short and weighs 90 pounds of solid piggy. She has short legs, a longer body frame and is a beautiful blue back piggy. She seriously reminds me of a cartoon character and we LOVE her fun personality and spunk! She's a silly pig with a lot of love, and boy can she RUN! Pickles is a Juliana / Mini Potbelly Mix. She has the lovely long snout of the Juliana, but a slight sway back and definitely the cute potbelly of the Potbelly breed of mini pig. She throws some of the best looking litters, with docile temperaments and awesome colors. There is NO deception here when we say that Pickles is one of our taller/bigger mini pigs on the farm. She will stay here forever and retire as we love her dearly.  

~ Phoebe ~

This is our adorable mini/mix female, Phoebe. We got Phoebe when she was 4 months old and she has proven to be a great piggy with an especially curious personality. Currently standing at 16 inches tall at the shoulder and full grown. Phoebe is 3-years-old. She is a mostly white, with black spots, pinto. She has some amazing dark eye shadow markings around her eyes and the sweetest light brown eyes. ADORABLE! She carries the red coat gene and throws red babies. Phoebe is SMART! She knows how to spin around in a circle for food or treats and she often times does it without me having to ask her to. She knows how to win everyone over! Phoebe LOVES hanging out in her pool in the spring and summer months. Phoebe is an amazing mom! No bad habits when she is with her piglets. She generously shares her piglets with me. What an awesome girl! One of my cleanest pigs on the hobby farm. Update: My beloved Phoebe passed away in May 2016 after having her 4th litter, called "The Littles." Her bloodlines will carry on with her daughter, Leah. Leah was the only piglet we kept from Phoebe's last litter.